School Counseling

Annmarie Horne

Elizabeth Davis-Crane

Mrs. Horne will be at Flat Rock Elementary school every day (Monday-Friday).  

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School Counseling:
The Elementary School Counseling Program offers classroom Guidance lessons, brief individual and small group counseling, and academic support. The counselors are available to meet with parents, teachers, and administrators in order to help all students have a successful school year.

Classroom Guidance:
The Elementary School Counseling Program follows the Virginia Standard of Learning (SOLs) for Guidance. The counselors will teach lessons in each classroom during the year. Topics covered in classroom Guidance include Friendship; Bullying Prevention; Tattling vs. Reporting; Conflict Resolution; Study Skills; Cooperation; and the Powhatan County Character Traits which are honesty, respect, charity, responsibility, fairness, and citizenship.

If parents do not wish their child to participate in the Guidance lessons, they need to send a letter to the child's teacher stating they want to 'opt-out" of the Guidance lessons.

Individual Counseling:
Students may request to see a counselor or parents, teachers, and administrators may refer a student. If a student is in need of extensive counseling, parents will be notified of the counselor' s recommendation and provided with a list of professional resources in the area.

Small Group Counseling:
Small group counseling will be offered throughout the year to support children going through similar challenges. Groups meet once a week for 30 minutes for approximately six to eight weeks. Parents will receive notification of the groups and will have the opportunity to enroll the students for the group. Notices will be distributed several weeks prior to the start of each group. Parental permission is required for group counseling. The counseling groups include but will not be limited to Changing Families (children going through separation or divorce), Anger Management; Grief support groups for students who have experienced the loss of a parent or sibling; Social Skills; and Study Skills.

Program development and implementation includes the character education program, welcoming new students, career awareness 
month, fourth-grade orientation to middle school, and various school/community services regarding the specific needs of students.

The counselors are available to consult with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals to help ensure each child has a safe and positive learning environment in which the child can experience success. Please call, email, or send a letter requesting an appointment.


In accordance with Powhatan County School Board Policy 6-27.1, parents have the option to limit or deny their child's participation in guidance programs. Should the choice to limit or opt-out be desired by parents, written notification must be provided to the school specifying the action desired. Notification may either be addressed to the school principal, the child's teacher, or to the school counselor.